AGM History

Below is a brief history of the annual conferences we've held.

The group has always been very fortunate to have had wonderful Hosts that volunteer from all over the world to organise our annual general meeting that brings everyone together. All our Hosts have paid special attention to ensure everyone is looked after from pre flight arrangements like visa help, through to airport taxi pick ups and oversee professional arrangements of the meeting throughout so all events run on time.

We always appreciate the wonderful local experiences that they created, with the local food, music, culture and memorable times together.

We hope you will join us our the next AGM, when we move to holding super conferences, which will be a meeting of all agents from all the networks within the group to provide maximum dynamics and new meeting opportunities for everyone.

1st AGM - 2017 – Goa - India – Host - Mr. Naveen Sharma - Seamax Logistics

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