How many members do you allow per country, or city?

The Five Star philosophy has never been to saturate countries or regions, in fact Five Star and PFI grew on the popularity of their sole agency policies. However in return for such exclusivity we ask all members to be proactive, be good payers and attend our conferences regularly. If they do not meet these obligations, another agent is recruited into their territory to provide stimulus to that area.

For larger countries we do allow multi agents of course to provide suitable coverage and to allow for increased populations.

In GSFN this is now an open network so there is no exclusivity.

Why have 3 Networks when you can do it in 1?

The simple fact is most networks out there have multi agents in all their countries. Our philosophy was to retain as much as we could the valued sole agency principle.
That meant having 3 networks with one agent in each country, rather than 3 agents in each country for one network. A much more suitable scenario for any agent seeking to join!

What about Conferences when you have 3 Networks?

The good news is in 2020 our members voted overwhelmingly to no longer hold individual conferences for each group. Instead Super AGMs will replace them, where delegates can attend and meet members from all Five Star groups.
This will at a stroke increase business opportunities for all, no one Network has all the solutions, but by uniting together all groups it will provide new and increased dynamics for everyone attending. Also for any of our members in more than one Five Star Group it means just one time away from the office annually and decreases travel and conference costs

Any Other Benefits from Having 3 Groups?

Yes as said not all groups have all the answers, which is why we now have “Cross Network Cooperation” Simply put, if your home Five Star Network cannot service your needs in a specific area, anyone can apply to our Head Office for assistance in that same area from one of the sister networks, thus providing valuable on ongoing back up and cooperation.

What Other Benefits Can You Offer?

Being one of the oldest Networks (Established 2005) we have gone through the hard early years of discovering who are quality partners are, and who were not!. Consequently you can be assured that if you decide to join, you will connect to a host of network accredited agents. Gold, Silver and Platinum Status is carefully awarded to long serving great partners with perfect payment records and regular AGM attendance, so you can be assured you will be amongst good, reliable and trustworthy company!

Can I Apply for Membership of More Than One Five Star Network?

Yes you can, but only if the territory you are interested in is vacant. You can check that by clicking on the Vacant Countries link in the top tool bar.

If I am a member already of another Global Network, can I apply?

Yes all our members can be members of networks outside of the Five Star Group, but on entry you must commit to engage with the Five Star partners in the group you have joined and explore all available business opportunities, maximise development and attend our conferences.

Do you have payment protection?

Due to our long history, our agents enjoy long established trusted relationships and voted against depositing money for a payment protection scheme. In 2021, we plan to introduce an alternative protection scheme which does not involve advanced deposits to act as protection guards, more details will be announced on this in early 2021.

What About Digitalisation?

At the begining of 2021, the Five Star Network will introduce a totally digital network, which will be optional for its members and new members joining. More details be be announced in the near future.

What is the Actual Cost of Annual Membership?

If you wish to enquire on costs prior to applying for membership, please click on the link below.

How can I enquire about membership and current vacancies?

Please click on the link below to send a membership enquiry.

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