Membership Criteria

The Five Star Freight Systems World Agency Network (FSWAN) in the main operates a very popular "sole agency network" policy for all its model members with the Five Star and PFI Networks. (For GSFN this is an open Network and so sole agency rights do not apply, except in exceptional and agreed circumstances).

In addition all FSWAN Members can belong to their sister networks (eg. A PFI agent can apply to join GSFN or Five Star), or any other outside independent network.

Successful applicants to the FSWAN will be granted sole agency of their home territory and may book and pay for any adjoining territory (if that territory is available.)

However if the agent does not comply to the network rules and regulations, or if they do not attend the AGM on an expected regular basis, or they do not reciprocate business with their partners then they can lose their sole agency and a second duel agent can be introduced into their country.

To view the Groups current available areas please see refer to the vacant countries tool bar link.

We are also pleased to accept all enquiries to place on our reserve bank of agents in case of future vacancies..

Annual fees are available. For more information please contact us.

Application Criteria

Agents applying must satisfy the following criteria

  1. That their company has been established a minimum of 4 years in international forwarding.
  2. Provide all expected modes of freight forwarding, import and export wise.
  3. Provide two satisfactory references from industry overseas agents.
  4. Not be blacklisted on any Industry Black List Sites.
  5. Be prepared to be challenged by anyone on entry if their application is questioned due to a past experience by any party.
  6. Agree in writing to work by our groups' code of conduct / agency agreement.
  7. Pay the membership fee prior to being listed in our website.
  8. Pay their fellow members on time in the agreed credit periods.
  9. Commit fully as a pro active member, and develop two way business to its maximum potential.
  10. Attend our AGMs (Annual General Meetings) as instructed in the Code Of Conduct.
  11. Any member agent who does not work by the Groups elected Code of Conduct to attend AGMs or reciprocate business will lose their sole agency rights to their country.
  12. Any agent who fails to adhere to our code of conduct rules (eg. unprofessional conduct or delinquent payment to fellow members) will be either suspended or terminated from the group and their fees not refunded.