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AGM 2023 121 Meetings

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AGM 2023 Boat

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AGM 2023 Eve Party

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AGM 2023 Gala Night

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AGM Testimonials & Stories

Below is a list of testimonials from attendees of the 2023 Super AGM in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dear Bob and Gul,
This AGM was excellent, congratulations! We had the opportunity to talk with 45 countries
Thanking you so much
Anderson Carvalho Bless Logistics, Brazil

Dear Bob and Gul,
The AGM was amazing this year!
Thank you
Erick Tadeu
TAG, Brazil

Dear Bob and Gul,
It was really great pleasure to meet you on the AGM and to be part of your Family of networks.
Please accept my congratulations about the AGM - it was arranged in the best way, and we had time to meet with a lot of colleagues.
I believe that such an event makes us first good friends and after that good business partners!
Thank you!
Nadezhda Nikova
Mireks Shipping, Bulgaria

Dear Bob and Gul,
In spite that this was my first time attending the AGM, it felt like it was very familiar.
It was an amazing event and atmosphere.
I want to thank you for all your attention and attitude..
Konstantine Beradze
CTE, Georgia

Dear Bob and Gul,
I had a blast at the AGM!
I have now many new friends and Andis even took me to my rented apartment in Latvia after leaving Turkey!
Thanks a lot
Dominique Bazin
Air Express International, Haiti

Dear Bob and Gul,
You arranged a great function in Turkey, with wonderful events, everything was very perfect!
We appreciated it all
Haseeb Rana,
Innz Cargo, Pakistan

Dear Bob and Gul,
Really it was a wonderful meeting and my pleasure to be part of this Super AGM.
As a new member I have very good feeling for my participation.
Once again let me appreciate this very well-arranged AGM covering all aspects of business meetings and leisure.
Many Thanks.
Amjad Fakhri
SFI Logistics, Pakistan

Dear Bob and Gul,
We want to thank you for the commitment in the organization of the event, developed in partnership with the Kargotur team.
It was a Super AGM, the first one, which allowed us to expand our numbers of contacts with other agents.
We felt very welcome and we felt like we were with good people, willing to cooperate in searching for new business opportunities.
We would also like to thank you for your availability and help during the event
Thank you.
Paula Soares
Justlog, Portugal

Good day Bob and Gul,
It was nice to meet you again after such a long time.
Congratulations for the Super AGM, it was a very good idea, well done!
Paulo Ferreira
Multicargo, Portugal

Dear Gul and Bob,
Please allow me to commend you on the professionalism with which you managed to arrange the FSFSWAN AGM this year.
This was just another proof of Kargotur’s perfect coordination of events and actions.
Our expectations were not only met but exceeded.
Tony Coman
Foxtrans, Romania

Dear Bob and Gul,
Let me thank you once again for organizing such a wonderful meeting!
It was very interesting and useful for all of us. During these 5 days we became one big and friendly family.
A friendly atmosphere and an unforgettable meeting in Istanbul!
Thank you.
Olga Krasilnikova
ATA International, Russia

Dear Bob and Gul,
It was great to see you and the others after such a long time. I am glad I could participate in the AGM. It was super productive 3 days, and it just goes to show the value of meeting people one on one. The event was well organised and it is not easy to host such a big delegation. So a great job to the Kargotur team and yourself for organizing. Already looking forward to the next one!
Once again thank you for your ongoing support and it is a pleasure to be part of this network.
Khalid Arab
Al Saidi Logistics, Saudi Arabia

Hi Bob and Gul,
Thanks for your excellent arrangement. We hope this meeting will help us create more relations and new business from all over the world.
Abdussamed Koyappathodi
FMS, Saudi Arabia

Dear Bob and Gul,
Very nice to catch-up with you after a long while
It was a very fruitful AGM meeting for me and everyone too I believe, I got to know new agents and people are already exchanging ideas & establishing new relationships.
Thanks for your best wishes, great effort & time on arrangement of the AGM conference, we will definitely collaborate more in future and enjoy more success together!
Thank you
Christina Ling,
Legend Logistics, Singapore

Dear Bob and Gul,
Really. this Super-AGM was very wonderful. I am sure we can secure a lot of business from it.
Anyway, we always appreciate your hard work!
We fully support you.
Mr. MK Jun
Bigway IT, South Korea

Dear Bob and Gul,
Thank you for the AGM!
It was very well organised and hoping the outcome of the meetings will be fruitful.
Thank you.
Zahir Kunju
Aegon Shipping, UAE Dubai

Dear Bob and Gul,
Thank you for organizing such an amazing AGM.
We have already started the conversations and enquiry / quote sharing with our network partners who we met during the one-to-one meetings.
Looking forward to developing the business relations stronger by mutually supporting each other.
Abdul Mateen
Alpha Star Shipping, UAE Dubai

Hey Bob,
We had a wonderful experience at the Super AGM and would like to thank you for organizing a great event.
Looking forward to meeting you at the next AGM!
Muneeb Arif
Alpha Star Shipping, UAE Dubai

Hi Bob and Gul,
Fantastic AGM in Istanbul and we have already gained quotes and some business and enquiries which is good and why we attend such events!
Colin Jeffries
Key Cargo, UK

Hi Bob & Gul,
Just wanted to say thanks for great conference as always !!
Met lots of new faces, we have had some good enquiries already and good to see the guys we already work with too.
Take care and all the best!
Gina Powell
Key Cargo, UK

Hi Bob and Gul,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging such a great event last week. It was really good to meet everyone and finally put some faces to the names I have been dealing with.
It was also to really good to make some new connections!
Mark Falls
Telenet Global Logistics, UK

AGM Charity Result

I am delighted to announce to all our members that during the 30-minute slot on the final Gala night , and at our first official auction, we managed to raise just over USD$5000 for our selected charity which was for the Turkish Earthquake victims. I would like to thank everyone who kindly donated special items from their country and of course everyone who bid so generously to make this amount accrue so quickly. For sure we will adopt this way to raise money in future as it was both fun at the time, effective as it raised a good amount and all for a very good cause.

In fact our Hosts decided to select one Turkish family who lost everything in the quake (a mother, daughter and grandmother) and help them construct a new prefabricated 24 square metre house. Although what we raised won’t be enough to finance the whole construction, the owner of Kargotur, Mr. Dogan Vapurcu, will finance himself the remaining costs and will also with the help of his cousin actually build it for them. My huge thanks to Dogan and his cousin for doing this remarkable and kind gesture and Kargotur have promised to send photos of the family in their new house once it is completed later on this year. Thank you again to everyone who donated, you will end up making a huge difference in the lives of one deserving Turkish family!