Group Benefits

  1. Established in 2005, we have stood the test of time as a network and hence offer you stability and true longevity to immediately connect you with a committed group of long established and trusted partners.
  2. Join and gain connection to a truly comprehensive network of over 800 global offices ready to support you in a reciprocal manner and develop new trade lanes with you.
  3. Gain an exclusive slot in a large network, sole agency rights (vacancy dependant),so you can take in 100% business without local competition or dilution away to others.
  4. Enjoy rare sole agency rights in your home network and in addition on joining, you will be invited to attend our newly formed Super Conferences, (from 2021) which invites all members from the 3 groups to attend a new supercharged annual meeting event, providing maximum opportunities and new business dynamics to all our members.
  5. We understand many freight forwarders are now turning to digitalisation hence we will offer the option of a digitalised forwarding system to all our network members. We truly understand company owners have different views on technology, and so we are pleased to provide both options to suit your preferred working practises.
  6. Many of our members go further with specialist services on offer such as Supply Chain Management, Project Cargo, Exhibitions, 3rd Party Logistics, Chartering and many other professional services that are at your disposal, meaning a solution to your shipping needs can in general be found across our ranks.
  7. Be awarded for your long service loyalty with member accreditations (Gold, Silver and Bronze Status) which again inspires confidence to everyone that you are a truly committed and trustworthy partner.
  8. Backed by the same one independent neutral owner since 2005, again to provide stability and longevity and by being neutral to have no conflicts of interests against our own members.
  9. The option of cross network co-operation, meaning if your home network cannot assist with a request, you can seek assistance from other options across our other networks.
  10. We will launch in 2021 an optional Network Protection Scheme for all interested parties (designed to safeguard against risk) but without the need to deposit funds up front (details to be released later).
  11. All the above for one of the most competitive annual subscription fees within the industry today (click apply now for details).
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