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The Five Star World Agency is pleased to have been assisting deserving and less fortunate people all over the World, and 2021 will see us celebrate our tenth anniversary of supporting needy and very worthwhile causes. As a Group, we now assist our Charities in two ways:

1. NEW! – Supporting the Fred Hollows Charity on an ongoing basis

The Fred Hollows Foundation dedicates itself to restoring eyesight to people in third world countries, that otherwise would not have the opportunity to have a simple operation to restore sight like those in first world countries do.

We are now very pleased and proud to provide the below link for all our members, and importantly their staff and families (in other words all people who have never had the opportunity to donate before as they could not be in attendance at one of our conferences as per point 2) below

We hope that collectively we can contribute to the great work of this foundation, and that from small donations of $USD25.00, a simple operation can restore someone’s blindness to full sight again.

What a gift this will be, a small amount that proves to be life changing, imagine being without sight, and what it will mean to see again!

If you share this vision to give this gift, you can click on the below link and view the many options on how to contribute

We hope as many of our members as possible will take this opportunity to change someone’s life and also look forward to photos that the Fred Hollows Foundation will supply of people who have had their sight restored thanks to our donations.

2. Annually and locally

Every year wherever our annual conference is held, our Hosts in that country nominate a very worthwhile local charity that we raise funds for when our AGM takes place The beneficiary is invited along on our final Gala night to receive the conference donation.

Since 2011 it has been our group’s pleasure to raise funds for those less fortunate in Cape Town, Bali, Izmir, Beijing, Casablanca, Vienna, Dubai, Batumi, Mauritius, Goa, Amsterdam, Ho Chi Minh and Penang.

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