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Bob Messenger - President, Five Star Network

Company & Group Presidents Profile

Company Profile
Five Star Freight Systems Pty Ltd

139-151 Ironbark Road, Diamond Creek, Victoria, 3089, Australia
Australian Business Registration Date: 25/8/2002
Australian Business Registration Number (ABN): 63 101 874 542

Group Presidents Profile

President: Bob Messenger
Location: Melbourne – Australia
Over 30 years Experience in the Freight Forwarding Industry (Began March 1984- Heathrow Airport)
6 Years in News & Press Shipping Agency
4 Years Air France Cargo
1994 – Founded Five Star Freight Systems Freight Forwarding Company UK, London Heathrow
2002 – Founded Five Star Freight Systems Pty Ltd Melbourne Australia
2004 – Founded Five Star World Network
2009 – Founded the Professional Forwarders International Network (PFI)
2016 – Founded the General and Specialist Freight Network (GSFN)

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